Poetries of the Stranger

Co-hosted by BC’s Institute for the Liberal Arts and presented in collaboration with the Academy of American Poets and Boston Review – “celebrates the poetries and poets who have exemplified a strange poetics of voice, image and place,” said organizer and BC alumnus Adam Fitzgerald. These poetic voices have been described as edgy, experimental, even at times contentious and controversial. Though each has been multiply honored with with significant awards, their work has often been difficult to categorize, making them uniquely qualified to participate in an examination of welcome — or not — to the stranger.

Poetries of the Stranger

featuring Adam Zagajewski, Lucie Brock-Broido, and Darek Walcott (2009).

Poetries of the Stranger II

featuring Henri Cole, Jorie Graham, and Mark Strand (2009).

The Poetry Festival 2009

Poetries of the Stranger

featuring James Tate, Fanny Howe, and John Ashbery (2007)

Guestbook Concerts

March 2009 Concert

as part of Guestbook’s academic conference “Interreligious Hospitality in the Five Wisdom Traditions.”

Concert: Songs of the Sacred Welcome

featuring Noirin Ni Riain and Company (2009)