As part of our mission, Guestbook partners with international organizations (such as The Nerve Centre, Center for Digital Storytelling, and Forum for Cities in Transition) to generate media that promotes peacebuilding through storytelling.

An initiative like Guestbook’s Exchange Stories – Change History creates opportunities for young people from communities that have been polarized by boundaries and borders, by religious and cultural beliefs, by war, acute poverty or injustice, to use digital filmmaking to record their stories and imagine a different future. Working with peace organizations, community art groups, our corporate partnerships, innovative schools and cultural workers we encourage the next generation to exchange stories in order to change history. Our goal is to transform hostility into hospitality by creating new stories.

Imagining the Stranger (2009)
A broad cast of characters discuss the concept of the Stranger. A vox-pop style short documentary, edited and directed by Sarah Kearney, Adam Fitzgerald, Eung-Jin Lee, and Paul Bennett.

Young People of Serbia and Kosovo Speak Out (2010)
Filmed in Serbia and Kosovo, this documentary focuses on the ethnically and geographically divided town of Mitrovica. After the Kosovo war in 1999, the Serbs retreated north of the river Ibar and the Kosovo Albanians to the south. Since then, the two parts of the city have been governed as separate municipalities. Neither of which recognizes the other.

The Hill at Georgetown (2013)
Despite their different socioeconomic backgrounds, the filmmakers find most students at Georgetown share the common feeling of being outside the norm. This doc features numerous interviews with students on ‘normality’ and perceptions relating to socioeconomic standing, race, and class in the academic community.

Facing the Stranger: Beyond the Wall (2012)
In 2010-2011 Guestbook organised an Exchanging Narratives project in cooperation with the Nerve Center in Derry/Londonderry. This took the form of an educational experiment in a city of Northern Ireland where 90 percent of schools are still organized along denominational lines, each denomination being aligned with an opposing political tradition. Two schools (Protestant/Unionist and Catholic/Nationalist) were invited to engage in a process of ‘Exchanging Narratives’, with the respective students retelling a set of stories from both their own and the other’s perspective.

Reconciling the Stranger: Rites of Hospitality (2009)

On July of 2009, an event called ‘Hosting the Stranger’ took place at Glenstal Abbey in Ireland. The performance was part of an international project known as the Guestbook and was inspired by the ritual traditions of hospitality in Celtic Christianity.

Under a Strange Sun (2012)
Clay Venetis, a NYU law student, explores borders, strangers, and human narratives formed by living in Los Angeles.

The story-telling quickly got away from me; the city’s history came out of its shadowy back rooms and told me, ‘You’ve had it all wrong.’ The narrative I knew of my own hometown was rocked.

Crossing Thresholds at the Edge of the World (2010)
The Guestbook Project co-organized an interreligious hospitality ceremony on Skellig Michael Island, off the south Irish coast and one of the oldest monastic sites in Ireland. The performance featured an interreligious hospitality ceremony between Dzhigan Rinpoche of Nepal and Abbot Gregory Collins of Glenstal Abbey and Jerusalem.

Welcoming the Stranger A New Peace Council (2010)
Documenting the process of the 2010 Guestbook event in India, “Welcoming the Stranger,” in which over one hundred people of varying backgrounds come together to share their testimonies, poetry, song, prayer, and the launch of the Bangalore Peace Council.

Kampala’s Ark (2010)
A documentary about the L’Arche Community for the disabled in Uganda.

Songs of Sacred Eros (2009)

About the Guestbook Project
Guestbook is an international project committed to transforming hostility into hospitality, enmity into empathy, conflict into conversation. More about Guestbook