We Exchange Stories
to Change History

Since 2009, Guestbook has been bringing together youths in communities divided by war, migration, and social conflict. Our creative peacebuilding model is simple and effective: we invite young people from communities in crisis to exchange their stories and invent new ones through leaps of empathy and imagination.

Through creative video projects the Exchanging Stories — Changing History initiative has worked with youths and peace partners in five continents


In Peace Apart — Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Jerusalem: Across the Divide

War Letters: To Kill or To Kiss — Vukovar, Croatia

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Guestbook Projects Around the World

Guestbook Locations

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The Armenian Genocide: An Exchange of Narratives: 39.975327, 44.833806
In Peace, Apart: Teaching Divided Histories: 54.996612, -7.308575
Dokdo or Takeshima: Between Islands: 37.140000, 131.510000
Jerusalem: Across the Divide: 31.768319, 35.213710
Under a Strange Sun: 34.052234, -118.243685
To Kill or to Kiss: 45.347350, 18.999438
Boston, MA: 42.360082, -71.058880
Lima, Peru: -12.046374, -77.042793
Mitrovica, Kosovo: 42.891391, 20.866000
Uganda: 1.373333, 32.290275